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A Night On the Lānai

International Market Place’s Grand Lānai has all the ingredients for the perfect date night.




For locals, a lānai is where people gather—to talk story, eat, drink, laugh, listen to music, and connect with each other on balmy evenings. International Market Place’s Grand Lānai brings the friendly authenticity of island culture to a posh, open-air third-floor dining space that is at once elevated, yet uniquely Hawai‘i.

When you dine on the Grand Lānai, you’ll find yourself in a state-of-the-art, contemporary urban oasis amid lush, blooming tropical plants, near an iconic banyan tree over a century old that grows at the heart of International Market Place. The land itself once served as the summer home of Hawai‘i’s Queen Emma, wife of King Kamehameha IV and a great humanitarian, who leased it to tiki bar inventor Donn “The Beachcomber” Beach, founder of the first version of the International Market Place in the 1950s.

Walk the Grand Lānai’s expansive collection of eateries and history flows beneath your feet, evident all around you. The flavors here are sophisticated and cutting edge, driven by world-class chefs passionate about their craft. The dishes are globally inspired, yet also bring a sense of place to your table, enhanced by high-quality local produce, fish, and meats. Are you ready for an evening of great food and drink?

Right this way, please; your table is ready.


Image by Mark Kushimi

Start at Skybox Taphouse, a new sports bar and restaurant offering top-notch pizza, state-of-the-art TVs, and two full-size white marble bars. Order a house cocktail or a beer, cider, or seltzer from the selection of craft and local beers.

Grab a seat next to the window for some great tropical views. Or head to the outdoor space, where the tailgate spirit is kept alive by charming picnic tables and a full-service food truck.


Put some sizzle in your main course with a stop at Michael Mina’s Stripsteak, a top-tier, modern steakhouse with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, premium meats, and ultra-fresh seafood.

Cut into a perfectly cooked steak or splurge on artfully prepared nigiri and sashimi from the restaurant’s fine sushi menu, paired with carefully curated sake and wine selections.


For dessert, drop by island favorite Liliha Bakery, renowned for its decadent, fluffy coco puffs in several flavors, neon red jelly with butter rolls, cakes, pastries, and addictive purple poi mochi donuts.

Simple, consistent classics, friendly service, and a pastry to match any mood make this a great spot to end your night.